Life in Cincinnati, Ohio

cincinnatiohioI grew up in a very open home in Cincinnati, Ohio. We lived in a small community and we always had our front door unlocked because we had so many friends and family members who were in and out of the house like it was a restaurant. It was fun because it was like a TV show. There was always some kind of drama or funny situation that needed to be spoken about. Our house was also the gossip center because my mother had a book club meeting once a month, which was really more of a “let’s sit down and share all the gossip we had heard.” It seemed like these meetings were more of an attempt to collect the receipts for the heard gossip. Nevertheless, I grew up in a house where there were no secrets and no need for locks.

e3-logoWhen I was 15 we had our first break in. I was at home on my own while everyone was away at a party down the street. I didn’t feel like going because I had bad cramps that day. I had locked the door since it was just me at home this time. My mother also told me to do so. I made myself a little mac n’ cheese and headed up to my room to watch the E3 live stream. I was upstairs when I heard the window get smashed. The first thing I did was call the police because I was not taking any chances. I told them there was a window smashing and that I wasn’t going downstairs on my own. They said they would send someone right away. I text my mom and dad and told them there was a crash. I climbed out of my window, onLockto the roof and stayed there until the police showed up. I watched as the guy ran out the back door and jumped our fence. I yelled to the police that he went that way and one of the cops chased after him.

After that incident, my parents decided to get our locks changed because they were shell-shocked. Even though the police caught the guy, my parents still called Cincinnati Locksmith to come and install new locks and deadbolts. Ever since then they haven’t let me stay on my own in the house. They prefer that I always be in the company of some friends or family. I thought I handled the situation properly. But, you know how parents can be. If they’re not worrying, they’re scolding you for something.